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Camp 333


Aaron Kottke  |  Owner / Camp Director

Aaron Kottke, owner of CAMP .333, grew up with baseball in his life.

His first memories of baseball were watching the Brewers with his dad. Summers were spent on the bleachers, traveling the state as his dad pitched fastpitch softball during the week and in tournaments on the weekends; then eventually at age 5 becoming the batboy for the team. From an early age he was immersed in baseball . . . fostering a love for it as a player and coach. His summer days were filled with playing baseball in Marathon City.  From teeball, Bronco League, and eventually to high school baseball, his love for baseball continued to grow.

Aaron helped develop and coach the first Northland Lutheran baseball team in 1998. He was also the J.V. Baseball Coach at Wausau East from 2003-2012.

He started CAMP .333 in 2007 because he saw a need for baseball and softball development in the area. Since then, he has been dedicated to providing quality instruction. His vision was to develop a staff of qualified, experienced coaches who sincerely care about the athletes they work with, and have a strong desire to make each individual they come in contact with a better player.

Coach Kottke possesses a sincere desire to make players of all ages the best they can be at baseball/softball. Simply stated, he loves the game of baseball.